Lamiaa El Fassi
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Lamiaa El-Fassi                Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics

I am interested to the study of the internal structure of the strongly interacting particles, hadrons. This research is carried out at Jefferson Laboratory (JLab), Newport News, VA, and Fermi National Laboratory (Fermilab), Batavia, IL. Currently, I am involved in several 6 GeV data analyses projects at JLab that aim to study the deeply virtual Compton scattering (DVCS) off 4He in addition to the meson spectroscopy in the 4He coherent production (EG6 rungroup experiment "internal wiki-page"), extract a high precision nucleon spin structure at very low momentum transfer to test various spin sum rules (EG4 rungroup experiment "internal wiki-page"), and probe the time evolution of elementary configurations of the hadron wave function via the hadronization or fragmentation study of Λ hyperons, the first-ever semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering (SIDIS) analysis with CLAS6 EG2 datasets; the EG2 rungroup married two experiments, the "Color Transparency" (CT) "proposal" & "analysis note" and the "Quark or Color Propagation" (CP). The latter provides a promising method to investigate nucleon and nuclear structure, construct a theory of super-dense nuclear matter, and disentangle the physics of heavy ion collisions that takes place at high temperatures with the creation of a Quark-Gluon Plasma. The ongoing analysis results will be further enriched once the approved CP experiment will accumulate data with the upgraded 12 GeV electron beam energy at JLab. The upcoming CP experiment is expected to run partially in concurrence with the 12 GeV CT program (PR12-06-106 "2006 proposal"/"2010 update"). The other nuclear targets programs that I am also interested to are the developement of the nuclear transverse momentum distributions (TMDs) to study nuclear effects, such as the transverse momentum EMC (European Muon Collaboration) effect at the partonic level ("internal CLAS12 proposal"), and the comprehensive ALERT (A low energy recoil tracker; "internal wiki-page") program on light nuclei (4He nucleus) to unravel the partonic structure with GPDs (generalized parton distributions) via (in)coherent production, and exploit the spectator tagging technique to explore several processes such as DVCS, DVMP (deeply virtual meson production), and SIDIS. To support the research program of the 12 GeV CLAS (CLAS12, housed in Hall-B at JLab) era, my group leads the developement of the drift chambers calibration and monitoring suites.

On the other hand, my Fermilab research focuses on the polarized, E1039, and unpolarized, E906, Drell-Yan (DY) experiments, dubbed as SpinQuest and SeaQuest, respectively. The former intends to extract spin dependent quark and anti-quark distributions of the proton and neutron and study the unique correlation of the quark/anti-quark spin and angular momenta. In this project, our MEP group is leading the effort of studying the poorly known gluon Sivers/Twist-3 transverse momentum distributions using J/Ψ production as well as the transverse polarization, or transversity, distribution, developping an advanced graphics processing unit (GPU) based multi-threaded framework that will allow an efficient parallelization of the online data analysis, and maintaining the performance of two-station tracking chambers in the inherited SeaQuest spectrometer. While the latter aims to extract a more precise anti-quark asymmetry ratio, study the quark propagation and energy loss effects in the cold nuclear matter, target nucleus, before the hard process, di-lepton production, takes place, in addition to the measurement of DY cross sections from several nuclear targets to compare the sea quark distribution in nuclei to that in Deuterium. This comparison will allow an examination of the previously published DY results, which showed no significant modification of the nuclear cross section for longitudinal momentum fraction, x > 0.1, unlike the "anti-shadowing" enhancement observed in the deep inelastic scattering and EMC experiments. The SeaQuest data will be able to address the question of whether the anti-shadowing region and the so-called "EMC" effect (depletion seen for x ~ 0.5) exist in the Drell-Yan process.

Professional Background
Assistant Professor Mississippi State University 2019-Present
Assistant Professor Bridge Position Mississippi State University/Jefferson Laboratory 2014-2019
Post-doctoral Research Associate Old Dominion University/Jefferson Laboratory 2013-2014
Post-doctoral Research Associate Rutgers, The New Jersey State University 2009-2013
Post-doctoral Research Scholar Rutgers, The New Jersey State University 2008-2009
Ph.D. in Experimental Phys. Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco jointly with Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont, IL 2008
M.S.  in High Energy Phys. Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco 2003
B.S.  in Nuclear Phys. Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Tetouan, Morocco 1999
Curriculum Vitae
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Recent Publications
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Research Grants and Sponsors

  • Celestine Segbefia (Ph.D, expected 2025)
    Project: "Calibration of CLAS12 datasets and analysis of the upcoming CLAS12 CT experiment
  • Nuwan Chaminda Gunawardhana Waduge (Ph.D, expected 2024)
    Project: "Calibration and analysis of the upcoming Fermilab SpinQuest/E1039 experiment

  • Shirsendu Nanda (M.S. 2019)
    Project: "Calibration of CLAS12 datasets and CLAS6/CLAS12 data analyses"

  • Pubuduni Ekanayaka Mudiyanselage Egoda Walawwe (M.S. 2018)
    Project: "Study of the CLAS6 spectrometer operation and data structure"
Post-doctoral Associate

Current: 2019 - Present

  • Taya Chetry (Ph.D 2019, Ohio U.)
    Project: Maintaining and improving the CLAS12 DC calibration suite, fragmentation study of Λ hyperons using the CLAS6 EG2 datasets, preparation and commissioning of the upcoming CLAS12 "CT" experiment

  • Hao Jiang (Ph.D 2017, U. of South Carolina): 2018 - 2019
    Project: Developement of GPU-based multi-threaded framework for online reconstruction and monitoring of the Fermilab Polarized DY, E1039/SpinQuest, experiment

  • Md Latiful Kabir (Ph.D 2015, U. of Kentucky): 2017 - 2019
    Project: Developement of the CLAS12 DC calibration and monitoring suite, and the fragmentation study of Λ hyperons using the CLAS6 EG2 "Quark Propagation" datasets

  • Krishna Adhikari (Ph.D 2013, ODU): 2014 - 2017
    Project: CLAS12 & BoNuS12 ("Barely off-shell Nucleon Structure") tracking and DC calibration software developement, and data analyses of the EG4 rungroup experiment
Honors and Achievement

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